Maybe you're an athlete looking to shave a few minutes off your marathon time, maybe you're a weekend jogger hoping to avoid the dreaded shin-splints. Maybe you've never run before but want to start with style. No matter what level you're at, our specialist running clinic can help you.

Our running clinic provides:

  • Treadmill Video Analysis

  • Biomechanical Assessment

  • Postural Assessment

  • Individualised Treatment Plan

  • Training Programme Overview

  • Personalised warm up and cool down routines

  • Advice on footwear and accessories

How it works

We start with a chat about your running history and goals, your nutrition, your training programme and other exercise routines. Then we will assess your running style, look at your posture and observe how your joints and muscles move and work together. Putting all this information together allows us to see the bigger picture and create a truly personalised treatment plan together with warm up and cool down routines specifically aimed at improving your running.

Why is it important?

Does your left knee always ache when you hit your 3rd mile?  Do you get blisters on one foot but not on the other? Is your right hip always tight but the left perfectly fine? These can seem like unsolvable mysteries, but we've been doing this long enough to work out exactly why these things happen.

A problem with your foot may be causing issues further up your body’s kinetic chain, resulting in pain in your knees, hips or back. Likewise, a problem with your back could be causing issues with your feet! Running is an impact exercise and injuries are rife, not only due to poor technique but also due to incorrect footwear and inappropriate warm up or cool down routines.

Our sports specialists are trained to spot tiny details which can have a huge impact on your running style. They are experts at solving the impossible and helping you achieve pain-free personal bests.