pH Nutrition

As osteopaths we understand the need of a healthy body in order to maximise recovery and performance. At pH Nutrition you will find expert nutritional advice and support tailored specific to your needs.
Things you can expect: comprehensive nutrition analysis, calorie and macronutrient targets and breakdowns for specific days, recipe suggestions, interactive nutrition and performance tracker. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Amanda Lau Podiatry

Amanda Lau is a fantastic sport podiatrist. Her goal is to achieve the perfect reaction from the ground-up by tailoring the environment your feet are in. She consults at the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH), in Tottenham Court Road.

RN Personal Training

Natalie Shanahan and Richard Lee provide training for people seeking outstanding fitness performance. Based in the City, Queen Victoria Street.

Ergo at Work

Treatment of an injury is only effective when you live and work in the correct environment. Ergo at Work enables companies to keep staff comfortable and productive by optimising the fit between them and their workplace.