Athletic performance in golf seems to get little consideration outside of the professional game. You wouldn’t play football or rugby without training to improve athletic performance, so why do people do so with golf?

As well as having the right equipment and the right technique, improved athletic performance is crucial to improving a golfers game.

The key components of athletic performance in golf are seen in most other sports and include:

  • Power

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Endurance

  • Resilience

When we enhance these components, we improve our performance and reduce the likelihood of experiencing pain or injury.

At True Motion we use the Functional Golf Specialist system created by the Gray Institute (USA).  This is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels. This process, coupled with our team's diagnostic and clinical skills, is a potent force for creating success on the golf course.


A system authentic to the movement of the game

A Gray Institute – Functional Golf Specialist has the skills to:

  • Appreciate your general and golf-specific movement ability

  • Appreciate the components of your golf swing

  • Determine if your body can attain the address, backswing, impact, and finish positions

  • Recognise if your body needs to train more resources for mobility, balance, strength, or power

  • Select and customise sequenced training programs for you

  • Provide you with warm-up, recovery, and range drill movements

  • Ensure that your body can make your swing

How it works

After a chat about your golfing experience, your training programme and other exercise routines, Lewis will assess your swing style, look at your posture and observe how your joints and muscles move and work together. Putting all this information together allows him to see the bigger picture and create a truly personalised treatment plan together with warm up and cool down routines specifically aimed at improving your game.