There are 4 main areas which need to be in tip-top condition:

Your spine 

We work hands-on with all the joints and muscles in the spine to ensure that they are able to move well and adapt properly to your changing posture. We’ll give you gentle exercises that are easy to do at any stage during pregnancy to keep the muscles relaxed and the joints as healthy as possible.

Your pelvis

 We pay extra attention to the pelvic muscles, making sure they stay as relaxed as possible and give you exercises to strengthen the muscles around the pelvis to give it all the support it needs as your baby grows and hormones are released.

Your breathing

By teaching you how to breathe properly (harder than you think!) and working on the joints and muscles that need to move freely for you to achieve this we can prevent that breathless feeling towards the end of pregnancy. Even after pregnancy being able to breathe well can reduce the likelihood of headaches and help you feel calmer and less stressed – always a good thing with a baby in the house!

Your posture

We don’t only look at your back, we also look at the position of your head, shoulders, abdomen, pelvis and knees to see if there are any improvements to be made to make pregnancy and post-natal life easier. Having great posture is the perfect preventative for baby-carrying backache and breast-feeding back pain.

When should you come for treatment?

Many women wait until they feel aches and pains before having treatment. While we still get great results, we’ve found that patients who have a course of treatment before becoming pregnant or within the first trimester tend to have much more comfortable pregnancies as their body is in perfect condition to cope with the challenges coming its way!

Is it safe?

Naturally some women have reservations about trying something new when they are pregnant. Osteopathy is perfectly safe, we adapt our treatment and exercises so they are tailored to each individual patient, which means they are always going to have you and your baby in mind. Just make sure you let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!