Why "prehab" is as important as rehab

“Prehab” is a term we use a lot at True Motion, but what is it and why do we practice it?

Prehab or pre-habilitation is about avoiding future pain or injury. It comes from the idea that our bodies may harbour areas of weakness that we are not aware of, or factors that predispose us to injury, and finding out about them in advance of actually being in pain means we can take steps to correct or build strength where necessary - and therefore be more likely to avoid pain or injury in the future.

At True Motion, we build prehab into our treatment, meaning that, as well as treating you for the condition you’ve come to see us for, we also look for areas of weakness that may predispose you to an injury in the future. By looking in detail at the way the body moves, we can highlight areas in which you may be more predisposed to an injury or problem, and then take steps to avoid it.

This idea of areas of weakness we’re not aware of is often referred to as the “silent injury”. Our body may have become used to moving in a certain way that may pre-dispose it to injury, but we’re not in pain so we might not notice.

Then one day, we hurt our ankle, knee or back and it feels like the injury has come from nowhere - when in fact, we may have been harbouring pre-disposing factors for some time, possibly a long time.

We want to point out though that the goals of prehab are different from trying to achieve an objective “ideal posture” or range of physical movements - that’s not what we believe or practice at True Motion. Rather, we believe that each body is unique and each individual has different requirements. It’s about looking at every patient as an individual, understanding their circumstances and taking action from there.

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